Starting now... #buildinpublic, a series

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I'm a huge fan of the current Build in Public movement all over tech Twitter at the moment (see #buildinpublic).

Granted, it's used by many (most?) for building their real-world projects and even SaaS companies.

Well, I'm not there yet, but I'm still keen to join in... so I decided to try a different approach:

In an effort to not only reinforce my own learning, but also to help any others just getting started in coding and learning basic HTML and CSS, I decided to build a simple landing page... in public.

Nothing fancy (at least for this first build). No loops or functions or frameworks or databases or... Just basic HTML and CSS.

To this end, I've added some intro text and made the page live. Please check it out on:

Yes, it's currently hideous, but then, that's kind of the point.

I'll be documenting the process, with a little bit of background theory thrown in here and there, in full here on this blog (as my very first series). I'll also be posting snippets of the process on Twitter. So please, follow along.

Right, that's the basic intro explanation done. I'm off to write the full introductory post to this series.

Chat soon!

Comments (2)

Juan F Gonzalez's photo

That's cool man! I also like very much that #buildinpublic trend going on. But, like you, I thought not to use that tag until I started building a SaaS or something 😅

I'm following your example to make one of my personal projects an excuse for building in public.

And of course, great initiative. I'm sure it can be very helpful for people getting started in web dev.

Good luck with these series!

Stuart's photo

Thanks so much, Juan!